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Testing & Training Equipments

■ Training High Tension Switch Board
■ Insulation Puncture Tester & Testing Transformer
■ Induction Voltage Regulator
■ Circuit Breaker Trainer
■ SCR Type DC Power Supply
■ Firealarm Trainer
■ Leakage Trainer
■ Cut Transformer

■ Protective Relay Trainer

■ Transformer Trainer
■ Transmission Line Simulator
■ Conveyor Sequence Simulation System
■ Photometer/Lumenmeter
■ Luxmeter
■ Foot Shear and Bending Machine
■ Bench Drilling Machine
■ Automatic Control Experimental Equipment
■ Static Electric Fume Cleaner

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P r o f i l e
Company Name Fuji Enterprise Co., Ltd
Head Office Zip code 103-0004
2-16-4, Higashi-Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL:03-3865-0981  FAX:03-3865-0688
Establishment September, 1973
Capital 20,000,000. Yen
Issued Shares 40,000
Representative Yoshio Saito, President
Main Accounting Banks The Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank Ltd.,   Bakurocho branch office
The Tokai Bank Ltd.,           Bakurocho branch office
Business Activities (1) Manufacturing and sales of Industrial and educational products
(2) Sales of products for the protection of the environment
(3) Sales of products for nursing
(4) Other business related to the above

We, Fuji Enterprise Co., Ltd., are the Japanese trading company dealing with equipments for enviromental solution snd education of mechanical and electric engineering in high schools, universities and vocational schools in Japan and overseas. And for 25 years , we have been concerned in JICA(Japan International Cooporation Agency)'s project and giving good results to arrange variouse equipments for your country and others.
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Testing & Training Equipments Fuji Enterprise Co., Ltd JAPANESE

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